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Last night’s breakfast

I’m a bad feminist. Too preoccupied with day-to-day hardships like having to get up and wash myself and eat and work and things, more often than not I only deal with questions of gender equality as and when they come … Continue reading

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Boom hat

As we all know, throwing stuff away is for losers and upcycling is totally rad. 5 years ago, some friends all clubbed in to get me a set of headphones for my birthday. They sounded really great – in fact, … Continue reading

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Shiawase … ?

*insert obligatory introductory sentence here making empty promises to do more knitting and talk about that some time* I’ve got a nice little A level class. They’re the best. There’s only 2 kids and they’re both going to get excellent … Continue reading

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The light shining through the cracks makes the shadows seem darker

I’m doing ok. I know this, because I think about how I was doing this time last year, and right now, I’m doing much better. This time last year was pretty rough. But something happened and it bottomed out, and … Continue reading

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It’s about time

For quite a while now, I’ve been meaning to write a post about time management. You must know the old adage, ‘if you need something doing, ask a busy man’. People who have a lot of demands on their time … Continue reading

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I done a story

This isn’t related to knitting. Might as well admit that now. On Monday I went to Shrewsbury but I missed my train home. The trains run only every two hours and it was pouring with rain so I took refuge … Continue reading

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Vox-pops and Penguins

Last week I returned to Sheffield in order to dress up like Harry Potter and clap for an hour (i.e., for Graduation). Sheffield is a truly great city, where local pride and affableness go hand-in-hand. It’s steeped in culture, but … Continue reading

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