Boom hat

As we all know, throwing stuff away is for losers and upcycling is totally rad.

5 years ago, some friends all clubbed in to get me a set of headphones for my birthday. They sounded really great – in fact, they were the best sounding headphones I’d ever had. They’ve now been discontinued by Sony though and I’m not surprised, firstly because they clamped my head like a vice and caused headaches if I used them for more than an hour, and secondly because 3 years ago, the left-hand earcup just snapped off at the joint, rendering them unusable.


To replace them, I bought a cheap and excellent set of Sennheisers which I’ve been using happily for the last 3 years.

Anyway, these broken Sony MDR-V500s have been gathering dust on a shelf for three years, and during a PMT-induced bout of insomnia the other night I found myself pondering what to do with them. They still reproduce sound extremely well, but the location of the break – and the nature of the snug fit of the headphones – meant that gluing, taping, or otherwise re-affixing the cup would be a short-term fix and largely pointless. So I thought about trying to fix them into a headband or similar headgear. With this solution in mind, today I found a tiny screwdriver and dismantled the remaining part of the headphones. Here they are looking like a depressed Moomintroll.

photo (1)


The next step in my upcycling master plan is to knit a beanie with interior pockets into which I can slip these earcups, that I can then use to play bangin choonz while looking uber-stylish all next winter, oh yeah. I guess I could also attach pockets to a sunhat too, then I can do the same all summer as well. The world is my upcycling oyster of amazingness. Here are some artist’s impressions mockups of how fab such hats will be:

Screen shot 2014-05-29 at 20.42.02 Screen shot 2014-05-29 at 20.43.19

And this is what I will be listening to on them:


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