Tea and Coen Brothers Saturday

There’s really no reason to write this post because the title kind of says it all.

I’ve had a couple of weeks off and it’s been fantastic. I’ve caught up with a bunch of people that I love and met some new great people and helped do some fundraising and cooked loads of vegan food and fixed up my rusty old bike and seen some ospreys and crossbills and LBJs and danced to lots of brilliant music (well, sorta swayed from side to side a bit). I feel pretty ethically recharged, which I really needed after spending the previous week boiling in a state of rage and unable to escape the awful comments and opinions of someone who is stuck in the 19th century. Have you heard about the mutant mosquitoes that interbreed with regular mosquitoes, but then a genetic time-bomb inside them kills the offspring before they can breed (NB I only half-listened to this podcast while baking)? Well, I’m not sure about the implications of that but if there were any way of introducing the same mutation to UKIP voters? You know, to save the future? Maybe it could be transferred through the ink used in the Daily Mail…?

Anyway, as there’s nothing much I can do about the awfulness, I decided to just bury myself in things that I love. Last Friday I went to a Coen Brothers Tribute Night in Bristol, where a variety of artists performed their own take on music from Coen Brothers films. It was a great night. I particularly enjoyed Thomas Truax and Kirsty McGee, but that cuddly Hebridean numpty The Pictish Trail will always be my fave ❤

So lots of late nights and beer and dashing about have had two results: my bank account is empty and I’ve caught a cold. So yesterday I had no choice but to stay inside under blankets, knitting, drinking tea, and watching Coen Brothers movies. So here is a fascinating blog about tea for your intense reading pleasure.

O Brother Where Art Thou

It’s ages since I saw this film. Such a classic. Dramatic, hilarious, and uplifting. And it’s based loosely on the Odyssey so that gives me a vague segue into the tea I chose to accompany the movie …


Tea number one is the wonderfully named ‘Magic Tea of the Druids’. I picked this up in Cardiff market last weekend. It’s a refreshing mix of green and black tea but I’m not awfully sold on the artificial strawberry and vanilla flavouring, which makes it smell like Nesquik. HOWEVER it does also include mistletoe so it’s OBVIOUSLY the magic potion from Asterix. It’s refreshing, but not something I can drink regularly.

The Hudsucker Proxy

Not awfully fond of this one, to be honest, although I can’t be entirely sure why. It has some great gags and the boardroom really reminds me of Monty Python, but some of the characterisation makes me wince. Wise ol’ Moses, the omniscient clockwork mechanic? The hard-nosed woman journalist with the gaping man-shaped hole in her life? You say the application of cliché only serves to deepen the satire, I say ‘yeesh’.

IMG_2448Nothing stock about this tea though. A present from a friend, it’s a Rooibos chai flavoured predominantly with fennel and also containing other herbs and spices that are in German so I can’t understand them. Plenty of fennel in it though, hot delicious fennel. I have a bunch of other teas containing fennel; this is probably the fenneliest. Including the fennel tea. Yeah. Maybe a little too much fennel in this. Can’t really taste the Rooibos. But I love fennel so the tea is a success.

Intolerable Cruelty

Oh, I really love this film, mostly because it fits in with the part of my life that I need to be shown that wealthy people have a big spiritual void in their life. Yeah, you can kind of see what’s coming, but THAT INTRO, and Billy Bob Thornton’s part is great, and it’s neat how the story comes together (as are all the Coen Brothers’ films – nothing is superfluous). Also it reminds me of Heartbreakers which I loved when I was 17.


A zing with a sting (hey Twinings you can have that one for free), just like the fast- and sharp- talking characters in the film. ‘Energising’ peppermint and nettle. Yeah whatever, it’s good for digestion and it tastes great. I wanted to try this for ages, and it took some finding. What I mean is, they didn’t sell in in Co-op so I had to go to Sainsbury’s. But it was worth it.

The Ladykillers

I’d missed this one when it came out, but I liked it. Not as much as the original Ealing comedy, but it was an interesting re-imagining. Mostly I liked the reference to one of the greatest songs ever recorded:

And I accompanied this with a cup of Lady Grey, which was the wrong choice really as it was already quite late so I should have had something without caffeine.

I’m sure that the above description of films and tea have completely blown your mind, now just to keep in with what’s supposed to be the theme of this blog, here’s a picture of the cushion-cover-that-was-originally-supposed-to-be-a-hat that I finished while watching films and drinking tea (yes I am basically terrible at achieving my stated aims).



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