Just a brief post to share this excellent article from about the health benefits of knitting!

Particularly pertinent to me are points 1 and 6.

1. Knitting is used for therapy. It’s a powerful distractant, helping people manage long-term physical pain. For those who are depressed, knitting can motivate them to connect with the world. It is a conversation starter, allowing people to interact politely without making eye contact. It builds confidence and self-esteem.”

“6. Knitting offers a break from busy schedules and a refreshing detox from a technology-saturated world. It gives many of us a rare chance to be alone with our thoughts.”

The rest of the article is here.

Meanwhile, I have been working on a woolly hat depicting the artwork from Hefner’s 2000 single “Christian Girls”. I’ve completed a quarter of it but unfortunately I think it’s going to be too weirdly proportioned to wear on my head, but it’s a fun experiment and it’s been a while since I’ve intarsia’d, so it’s good fun.

Pictures of that at some point if it ever gets finished.




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