Sunset, Saturday

A wet Saturday afternoon, two days until payday. I would have liked to conquer the world yesterday, but neither I nor the world was up for it in the end. I did, however, conquer a couple of local charity shops, scoring myself three new tops, a necklace, three pairs of knitting needles, a set of 4 dinner plates, and a washing-up rack for about £15.

I only went out for the needles, really. A pattern for fingerless gloves called for 4mm sticks and I only had 3.25mm. But the others were such bargains and buying things like dinner plates makes me feel grown-up, which is essential if you plan to spend the rest of the afternoon knitting, watching box-sets of Parks and Recreation and Green Wing, and learning Pete and the Pirates songs on the ukulele. (Verse: C, Em, G; Chorus: F, C, Am, E)

(Verse: C, Em, G; Chorus: F, C, Am, E)

So this is what my Saturday afternoon looked like:

photo (2)The pattern for the gloves was poorly written and a little difficult to follow, but I muddled my way through somehow and made one passable glove:

photo (3)


So, I’ll attempt to snatch the odd hour here and there during the week to get its pair finished.

Despite having taken up knitting nearly two years ago, I’m still very much a novice when it comes to technique, but these gloves and last week’s hat have been great for practising increasing and reducing. As you can see from the above picture, I still have a way to go at joining seams! What’s more, the stitches are still pretty uneven and twisted, and the tension was all over the place in the initial ribbing. Still, practice makes perfect, right? Or at least, practice makes a little bit less shit.

Apropos of less-than-not-very-much-at-all, here is another video, because it’s by Haiku Salut who are fab, and the video was released just this week and it’s lovely.



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