The light shining through the cracks makes the shadows seem darker

I’m doing ok.

I know this, because I think about how I was doing this time last year, and right now, I’m doing much better. This time last year was pretty rough. But something happened and it bottomed out, and then something else happened and it started improving somewhat. Right now, I can look at where I am, realise that in the past three weeks I’ve only once or twice been seized with panic at what tomorrow may bring, and appreciate how much of an improvement that is. A year ago it was several times every day. Eighteen months ago it was difficult to tell where one panic attack ended and the next began. I wish I knew what it is inside my brain that wasn’t working and why it’s now working somewhat better because it’ll probably go wrong again sometime and it would be nice to be prepared.

As I’m not particularly articulate at the best of times here are a bunch of cartoons that express some stuff I can relate to a lot more eloquently.

And to sign off, a track I can’t believe I haven’t linked to yet … depression is shit but it’s better with glockenspiels and ukuleles than without.


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Still just trying to make sense of the world.
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