It’s about time

For quite a while now, I’ve been meaning to write a post about time management.

You must know the old adage, ‘if you need something doing, ask a busy man’. People who have a lot of demands on their time inevitably use it more efficiently and get more done than someone like me. I don’t aim to plan periods of inactivity into my schedule, but somehow it just happens. I wake up every day thinking of all the things I want to achieve throughout the day, and then I think “I’ll just see who’s saying what on Twitter”, and before I know it, an hour or two has disappeared into the ravenous void of social networking.

Why does every task take longer than I expect it to? It’s not always Twitter’s fault (though it usually is). When cooking, I should add 50% to the amount of time I think it’s going to take. Blogging – well, even a rushed, unplanned post like this one can take upward of an hour (which is why I haven’t done too much of it lately!). The 100-word record reviews I contribute to another site can take 2 hours – 2 hours to write 100 words!

So I rarely feel that I have time to do all of the things I have to do (cleaning, changing the tyres on my car, looking for a better job), let alone the things I ought to do (replying to emails, phoning friends, fulfilling promises I made weeks ago) or the things I want to do (catching up with Doctor Who, playing guitar, knitting). Days off end in a fug of self-loathing at not having achieved a reasonable proportion of the things I should have done. If I watch a film or read a magazine, I lose concentration because I’m berating myself about things I should have done but haven’t. I don’t relax properly and wind up feeling worn out, which then affects my ability to perform tasks to the required standard.

Perhaps the answer is to lower my expectations? No, that sounds too negative – to adjust my expectations. To rationalise them, bring them in line with reality. Is it better to complete one task properly, or to half-complete half a dozen?

Speaking of half-completing things, I have made some progress with my blanket. Progress has been hampered somewhat by the lack of availability of orange yarn, also by moving house (again), good weather making me want to be outdoors, and general sloth and idleness.

photo (3)

Rather excited about the next instalment in the WIAIWYA singles club, which is a rather cracking tune:

In other time-related news, I just wasted an hour and a quarter of it listening to the new Daft Punk record. If you want to make the same mistake, it’s streaming for free on iTunes for a little while so click here and attempt to enjoy.


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