Cunning plan

I had a cunning plan.

You may have noticed (if you live in the UK, at least) that it’s remained quite chilly, considering we’re now into April.

I know why it’s happened.

It’s because I hadn’t started knitting my blanket.

You see, I’ve been telling myself for months that I would start knitting a blanket. But then I would think, “No, don’t start a blanket, because it will be warm by the time you’ve finished.” So I didn’t start knitting a blanket. I thought I’d leave it till the autumn.

But the cold weather persisted, and I got fed up of sitting in my dressing gown and sleeping bag, so I embarked upon my blanket adventure.

In a nutshell, that’s why the weather has become nice for the weekend. My cunning plan to improve the weather has worked. You’re welcome.

If you’re a Daily Mail reader, then shame on you, but also, you may have received some free knitting patterns from them a couple of weeks ago. I am not a Daily Mail reader but have recently started working at WH Smiths, so I was able to pilfer a couple of the patterns without getting my hands dirty.

My blanket is based loosely on the ‘rustic table mats’ pattern – moss stitched squared, with double-up yarn. The colour scheme I have based on one of my favourite things: the 7777777 series of singles from the record label Where It’s At Is Where You Are. I’m making it from seven squares each of the seven colours of the rainbow. For most of the squares I’m using one strand of dark yarn and one of light yarn, but I’ll also going to make seven squares with an intarsia number 7 in the light yarn, on a background of the dark yarn:


So by the time I’m finished, the weather should be properly warm and sunny, and I should have a nice, warm, brightly coloured tribute to a lovely load of songs from lovely artists on a lovely label.

photo (1)



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2 Responses to Cunning plan

  1. I could never be bothered to sew the buttons back on to my warm coat because I assumed that it would get warm again. Big mistake… until now, I guess.

    • Knoob says:

      You know it’s going to get colder again after a brief spell of warmer weather, right? This peculiar phenomenon is called SEASONS.

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