Power Up!

Continuing with the retro-video-game theme! I’ve been listening to this quite a bit lately because it puts me into the right kind of mood for the kind of things I’ve been making: http://fulhast.fikarecordings.com/

I feel like I am in need of one of these power-ups myself … it would be nice to be twice as strong, or to be invincible for a little while.



I made one or two mistakes in the pattern when knitting this, and it’s also JUST too large to stop my iPhone 3GS from slipping out of it (perfect for my old classic iPod though). So, next time I’m going to use slightly smaller needles (used 3.25mm for this one) or alternatively put a drawstring around the top edge so that it can be tightened. Or maybe have a button, like on this not-very-good Alex Kidd iPhone sock:

IMG_1837Cynthia at Clare Wool in Aberystwyth gave me some very good help and advice after I asked for feedback on Alex here. It’s great to be able to pop into my local shop and receive such excellent service and advice!



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