Who doesn’t love a good retro-computer-game related product?

photo (1)


The colourful pixels of 1980s games lend themselves wonderfully to a knitting project. This here is Alex Kidd, who had his own franchise of games on Sega (spot the sneaky Nintendo Game Boy in the photo – oops!).

I fancied making a little bag, so I made a couple of squares with pictures of Alex Kidd, sewed it together, lined it with a T-shirt, and then added a knitted strap.

photoThis is just a prototype. I’d like to make a few designs and then have a go at selling them on Etsy.

Would you buy something like this?



About Knoob

Well ... I'm thirtyish, female, mostly British, and skirmishing occasionally with depression. I though that taking up a useful and practical new hobby might help me develop a healthy work/life balance. I failed to anticipate how frustrating learning to knit would occasionally prove. But I shall persevere in the face of adversity!
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