Now all I need is a crochet pattern for a Fender Jazzmaster

There are quite a few crafty people in my local area, and once a month on a Thursday afternoon they get together to chat, drink tea, show off their current projects, and get help and advice from others in the circle. I went along earlier this week, partly because the hostess this time is renowned for her amazing cakes, partly just to get out of the house and see some other people.

I wish I’d had the guts to get permission to photograph the other ladies’ work. They’re making such lovely things. There was a whole lotta knitting going on but also weaving, tapestry, sewing, and quilting … almost as many crafts as people. Some of the projects didn’t exactly blow my mind but certainly wobbled it a bit. I heard a lot of scary phrases (such as modified double drop stitch) that I didn’t understand. Someone was using four needles to knit nine stitches together. Felt a bit intimidated. Intimidation in needle form, like some kind of belligerent acupuncturist.

Among this flurry of competence, I tucked myself away into a corner and tried to improve  on the initial zombie tiger-bee. This time I used double-pointed needles, reduced the number of stitches, and made the black stripes smaller. The result is an improvement, if still far from perfect. I should have reduced the stitches for a couple of rows to make a ‘neck’. But the crafty ladies suggested ways of improving the embroidery on the face, which was really helpful. I could do with working out a better way of making the arms, as the crocheted arms have curled up and make him look as though he’s playing air guitar.

photo (2)

For comparative purposes, here he is alongside zombie-tiger-bee, both rocking out.

photo (1)

If tigers were going to play guitar, I think they would play something light and smart, yet slightly menacing, with the potential to be lethal. Something like this, maybe.



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