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Power Up!

Continuing with the retro-video-game theme! I’ve been listening to this quite a bit lately because it puts me into the right kind of mood for the kind of things I’ve been making:¬† I feel like I am in need of … Continue reading

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Who doesn’t love a good retro-computer-game related product?   The colourful pixels of 1980s games lend themselves wonderfully to a knitting project. This here is Alex Kidd, who had his own franchise of games on Sega (spot the sneaky Nintendo … Continue reading

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I done a story

This isn’t related to knitting. Might as well admit that now. On Monday I went to Shrewsbury but I missed my train home. The trains run only every two hours and it was pouring with rain so I took refuge … Continue reading

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Vox-pops and Penguins

Last week I returned to Sheffield in order to dress up like Harry Potter and clap for an hour (i.e., for Graduation). Sheffield is a truly great city, where local pride and affableness go hand-in-hand. It’s steeped in culture, but … Continue reading

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Now all I need is a crochet pattern for a Fender Jazzmaster

There are quite a few crafty people in my local area, and once a month on a Thursday afternoon they get together to chat, drink tea, show off their current projects, and get help and advice from others in the … Continue reading

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