Seraphim and cherubim

As time trundles inexorably onwards and the earth continues to rotate on its axis as though to spite the harbingers of doom, so 2012 stares its final days in the face. Unless you’re on a different calendar, that is, in which case 2012 could already be long in the past or a way into the future yet.

Here, winter is bedding in, but where you are, dear reader, it could be midsummer. If you, like I, are a native of the north lands, you may be lighting your Advent candle and getting ready for the anniversary of the birth of Jesus Christ. Or you may be preparing your abode with pagan symbols of rebirth in order to bring some cheer to the gloomy winter months. Or you may not care in the least about this festival. Perhaps you regret the hijacking of an innocent and otherwise ordinary date by imperialist marauders posing as christians, or equally you might detest the relentless commercialisation of what once was called a holy night. Whatever. You have strong opinions either way, feel free to share them, but essentially I don’t really care. Sorry.

I love Christmas. Yes, it is easier when you have a bit of spare money to splash out on friends and family, but this year I’m a little light (again). BUT I have a roof over my head, and will be surrounded by loved ones, and films I have seen a hundred times on the telly, and too much to eat and drink, so there is lots to be thankful for.

Whether or not my loved ones will be thankful for their presents, however, is another matter! I wanted to make them things they would like, but … well, we can’t always have what we want. I thought perhaps an angel, for the tree. With knitted bodies, crocheted arms, hands, and halos, and sewn-on wrapping-paper wings.


Not bad, eh? I’m not really into vampire stuff (except Vampire Weekend, naturally), but some of my friends are, so hopefully this Angel will be atop a spruce or fir in a night or two.

Here is another. I was in my first year of secondary school when this Angel and her Shane were all over tellies. Other people’s tellies. Not my telly.


Ran out of Angels, so here’s an Angelina for the tree.


And an Angela!

IMG_1751Finally, in tribute to one of the greatest films about angels I’ve ever seen, this lovely couple:

IMG_1753Enough daftness. Here’s a song.






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