What I did on my winter holidays

Unemployed again, just in time for Christmas.

Oh the plus side, though, I’m far happier than I was this time last year!

First up, here’s one of my favourite things from the last 12 months. One of Britain’s best record labels, Where It’s At Is Where You Are, ran a fantastic 7″ singles club in 2012. Subscribers receive 7 7″s over the course of the year, each released on a different day of the year, and each pressed on different-coloured vinyl – one for each colour of the rainbow. The liner notes are articles on the theme of the number 7, each one 777 words long. It was a fantastic project and I’m glad it’s happening next year too! You can find out more here but I wanted to share the playlist so that you can listen to it as you read my FASCINATING blog: http://wiaiwya.bandcamp.com/album/wiaiwya-7777777

One of my Christmas traditions is hand-making greetings cards to send to my closest friends. I don’t send many, because the environmental impact is constantly on my mind, so I like to make something nice and unique for the people I love. Last year I wasn’t in any kind of stable frame of mind to produce anything, but all the extra free time I now have thanks to the relentlessly unstable economy has allowed me to let my creative side out of its cage.

I have piles of old magazines that I mean to sort through and recycle, so any nice pictures are going on the cards:


I also wanted to incorporate some knitted items, so I’ve been improvising little ornaments that I can send to friends to put on their trees, or wherever:


And some of these are making their way onto card designs:


They are also perfect for Christmas-ifying any object in your house:

IMG_1727I made these using the magic loop method – casting on 12 stitches for the smaller ones, up to 20 for the largest so far, but they can be any size. I knitted 3-6 rows of white before switching to red, knitting the same number of rows again, and then decreasing gently by knitting the first two stitches on each needle together, then knitting a plain row, until there were only two stitches left. I then knitted these together, leaving one red stitch on one needle, and switched back to white for the bobble. Increased by one stitch, then added another stitch before each of those to make four, and then either brought it back down to two and then one (for the tiniest santa hats) or increased again to make a row of eight stitches before reducing it all down again. Then I made it a bit more bobble-like by using a crochet needle to weave the bound-off end of the yarn into the tip of the hat.

It’s very easy to make, and I hope my friends will like them!


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