Wibbly-wobbly scarfy-warfy

Aren’t the Olympics great? I must admit, my default grumpy sceptical mode has been totally confounded by grinning lady boxers, weeping cyclists, and gymnasts who come from nowhere to snatch bronze, then silver, then back to bronze again, but it’s all good because no one expected them to do so well, and look they got another silver and bronze later as well. I want to hug all the athletes, not just the ones who are British and won things. It’s all very very inspiring. In fact, I’ve decided to save up my tip money from the pub/restaurant job I’ve picked up, and put it towards a pair of running shoes, so I can train for a marathon and – hopefully – complete one before I turn thirty in just-a-bit-more-than-a-year. The plan is to start a new blog about that in order to bore the populace with YET ANOTHER BLOG ABOUT RUNNING, and I will shamelessly plug that blog on this one and vice-versa.

MEANWHILE, this blog is going back to basics and from now on it will be about knitting, promise, scout’s honour.

For the last three weeks, I’ve spent every spare moment (between working and sleeping and watching sportsmen and women achieve fantastic things) knitting a scarf like this one. Now, despite being a fan of the more recent Doctor Who series starring Matt Smith et al., I must admit I’ve never watched the Tom Baker series. But I googled ‘long scarf pattern’ and this one came up, so I decided to go for it. It had been a while since I’d knitted anything (as ‘regular readers’, if indeed I have such a thing, might have realised) so I wanted something fairly easy to get me back into the swing of things. Instead of the bold colours on the pattern, however, I decided I wanted something that looked a bit faded and weathered, so I visited Clare Wools in Aberystwyth and chose more balls of wool than I could comfortably carry without forking out the extortionate price of 5p – 5p! – for a plastic bag. (I mean, 5p! That’ll buy you almost a whole 200th of a paperback book, or 0.000025 of a MacBook Pro. Come on England, do something nice for the environment for once.)

Clare Wools in Aberystwyth

At this point, I will take the opportunity to say that I was pretty well pleased with most of the yarns I purchased … except for one, which was Sirdar Escape (the blue/green mix). I used two 50g balls of this, and the quality was variable throughout but generally quite poor. The gauge was not what it said it was (my own fault for not knitting a sampler I suppose) and I certainly didn’t get 110 metres out of each ball. The dark brown mix was also Sirdar Escape, and I have no complaints about that one, in fact it’s a lovely blend. So I don’t know what was wrong with the green mix. ANYWAY, it looks okay so I won’t complain too much.

Now, when I googled ‘long scarf’ I thought maybe something about a metre and a half would do it … and I must admit that I was under the impression that the finished Doctor Who scarf might be about as long as me, or perhaps a bit longer. Ha! I must chuckle at my own naïvety.

The Doctor Who scarf, dangling from the banister at my parents’ house

The completed scarf is well over twice my height … it looks and feels great, but wow, it’s almost twice my weight as well! (Apologies for that completely gratuitous exaggeration.)

Tassels (detail)

There are mistakes, of course, throughout the scarf – most of these can be attributed to my being distracted by historic achievements by British athletes and thus knitting when I should have pearled. My own personal historic achievement is managing to complete nearly 700 rows of 60 stitches and only dropping one – I think that was when Laura Trott won her second gold medal in the women’s omnium. Well done, Trotty!

The current plan (alongside the marathon training) is to knit scarves for my friends and family for Christmas. I’m not sure to whom I’ll give this one, yet, but I will be updating this blog with HUNDREDS of scarves in the next few months. And no more completely unrelated waffle. Well, maybe just a little bit.


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