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Gizza job

Hello there. I flatter myself that someone may have noticed that I haven’t been updating this blog very much lately. I’m afraid I must confess to having been neglecting the needles lately, in favour of trying to find gainful employment. … Continue reading

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How it all came about …

Have you seen Prometheus? It’s a contrived, confusing jumble of a film, but beautifully packaged in lush starscapes, vaguely sensual tight-fitting space-suits and obscene HR Giger sets based around the reproductive organs of adult human males and females. Basically (and … Continue reading

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Forget sex … science sells

Studies have shown that the wilful misrepresentation of science can help sell almost anything. This morning I have glanced over this article, which refers to a study into the associations between drinking coffee and death rates from various illnesses, published … Continue reading

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