The Knitting Dead

Have you seen The Walking Dead? I don’t normally go in for horror, but I love zombie movies. I think it’s because the ‘horror’ is basically the same kind of horror as ordinary day-to-day life, except it’s obvious which people are going to try to damage you (I’m not saying I’d rather live in a zombie-apocalypse world than the real world, although sometimes I do find it a comforting daydream).

Anyway, in the first series of The Walking Dead, there’s a scene where a zombie, removed of its limbs, is still intent on shuffling forward to get at some flesh. Well, that’s the kind of week I’ve had. I feel like there’s a goal in sight, but I lack the necessary equipment to achieve it, and so my every effort is a futile struggle. Hmm … Is comparing myself to a zombie a bit grim for first thing on a Saturday morning? Let’s cheer up with a homage to the original zombie (sorry, Christians, not trying to offend, I just love the song):

Aside from all the stress, overwork and rigamarole, however, I’ve managed to scrape together enough time to finish a project! Hurrah! Here it is: it does go around my neck twice, and feels really nice and warm when it’s on, so I’m going to keep this one and wear it next winter. Although it did start off as a bit of an experiment, and the colour scheme is slightly odd, I like how it’s turned out.

Since I finished, I’ve unravelled about forty attempts at a crocheted granny square. I get so far and I just can’t see what I’m supposed to do next … that’s following both a pattern and a written explanation at the same time. Maybe tonight I’ll seek out a YouTube tutorial.

I’ve also had my first commission! Some of my mum’s old colleagues are having a charity sale, and I’ve been asked to make a scarf or two that they can sell there. So, I won’t be moving away from my neck-ware comfort-zone for a little while longer, but that’s okay. I’ll have a play with colours instead.

Here is a lovely song that is quite good for curling up on the sofa on a horrible rainy evening and having a knit-along to. Some people might find it sad, but I find it incredibly uplifting.

Ooh, gives me goosebumps.

Incidentally there are (inexplicably) still a couple of tickets left for The Tallest Man On Earth’s only UK headline show this year … It’s at the Hackney Empire on Tuesday 3rd July and it will be beautiful. I’m going and so should you.


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