If Procrasti were a real nation I would be its queen.

Or prime minister or president, depending on its method of government. I imagine the head-of-state would be the person who did least to become head-of-state …

Lots to do, so much to do … which is why I’m writing this instead.

Here is a little picture of many many garter-stitches on a circular needle. At some point I shall cast off but not yet.The yarn is nice and stretchy so I suppose I could continue knitting for another few feet and turn it into some kind of literal body-sock.

Okay, I shall now abdicate and go and do my actual work.


About Knoob

Well ... I'm thirtyish, female, mostly British, and skirmishing occasionally with depression. I though that taking up a useful and practical new hobby might help me develop a healthy work/life balance. I failed to anticipate how frustrating learning to knit would occasionally prove. But I shall persevere in the face of adversity!
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