Well, it seems that after the cameo appearance from summer, winter decided it hadn’t quite finished with us yet,  and is once again grappling with spring to see who can take control of the Easter weekend. This is great news for my knitting, as I’m still incapable of producing anything that isn’t intended to reduce the influence of low temperature on one’s neck. However it seems it’s not such great news for lambs. When I drove up to Sheffield on Wednesday there was two- or three-inch thick snow on the ground around Chesterfield … after it was twenty-odd degrees last week! Right, that’s quite enough droning on about the weather.

Last weekend I managed to make a bit more sense of crochet, and satisfied myself that attempts at double and triple crochet were at least adequate. I also eventually realised where the stitches were going missing: at the end of each row before turning. I then made a six-inch square sampler using the different techniques I’d learned:

It’s pretty boring … but I’ve finally used up all of that drab grey yarn. Targets for the future are to improve the rough-looking edges … oh, and to stop adding extra stitches! I started off at the bottom with 21 stitches in a row and somehow ended up with 23. I’m also really keen to start trying other textures, to try to produce something less flat. But it might be a while before I’m ready for that.

For the last couple of days, I’ve been working on this:

You know what, I don’t half enjoy using circular needles. As far as I can tell, there’s only one drawback – as the rows never end, it’s difficult for me to decide when to put my knitting down and have a gulp of tea, and several cups have gone stone cold as I get lost in the knitting and the music. Oops! Also, I’m sure there must be a way of making something that’s smaller than the entire circumference of the needles, but I don’t know what it is yet. So I suppose that the thing above is going to end up as some sort of snood. I could always look up how to reduce stitches and make it into a kind of bag, I suppose. Bit large for a bag, though. Bit small for a snood, though. Hmm. Might make a good snood for a cat.

I’ve had a week off work now, another week to go, and I must admit there’s nothing I like quite so much as not working. For the last week I’ve been sleeping in, then reading or knitting all day while listening to more records than anyone really has the right to, and going out every night like some kind of teenage tearaway. I’ve seen some cracking bands. Shearwater were everything I hoped they’d be and more; Low were stripped-down and beautiful, and their support Lanterns on the Lake were fantastic too; and Retribution Gospel Choir played some ridiculously good ad-libbed psychedelic jams and basically gave the appearance of being one bloke split into three bodies but still only having one mind (hit that link for a free download of their new EP). I also saw a terrible film. The Raven. All I can say is, just don’t.

Here is a video of Shearwater performing Insolence at SxSW last month. It was the highlight of their set in Manchester. Captivating. It was wonderful to see someone so totally in charge of their every movement, and pouring every last ounce of energy into a performance as powerful as this.


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