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The Knitting Dead

Have you seen The Walking Dead? I don’t normally go in for horror, but I love zombie movies. I think it’s because the ‘horror’ is basically the same kind of horror as ordinary day-to-day life, except it’s obvious which people … Continue reading

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There’s something in the air … or in the water …

I was in the beautiful Dyfi Valley a couple of weeks ago, and while I was there I popped in to see Monty and Nora, the adult ospreys who last year successfully raised the first osprey chicks to fledge in … Continue reading

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If Procrasti were a real nation I would be its queen.

Or prime minister or president, depending on its method of government. I imagine the head-of-state would be the person who did least to become head-of-state … Lots to do, so much to do … which is why I’m writing this … Continue reading

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For every word about music that’s read, more than a hundred words about music are written. WE ARE THE 99%

Do you know what you’ll be doing next Saturday? I’ve a fairly good idea what I’ll be doing. Getting up at about 6 am, making and packing a bacon sandwich and a flask of tea, catching an early bus into … Continue reading

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None of my business …

Forewarned is forearmed so please allow me to kick this post off by admitting that it’s not going to be about knitting this time. It’s the continuation of this story … Previously on Knitting for Mental Health … for anyone … Continue reading

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Well, it seems that after the cameo appearance from summer, winter decided it hadn’t quite finished with us yet,  and is once again grappling with spring to see who can take control of the Easter weekend. This is great news … Continue reading

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In brief …

I’m lucky enough to be able to say that there’s a handful of people in the world for whom I’d do anything. Furthermore, I’m lucky enough to be able to say that the number of people for whom I’d do … Continue reading

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