Advice sought!

Well, today I left the house at six, pootled a hundred-or-so miles down the M1 in my little car, shakily slurped my third coffee at ten in the morning in North London, and subsequently failed to impress anyone at a job interview, and had to turn some happy music up very, very loud to keep my spirits from bottoming out on the pootle back up the M1. So if you live in Buckinghamshire or Northampton and were wondering what the racket was, I apologise. I also apologise for using up all the petrol in Britain. I know, I know, I should have gone by train. What can I say. I did pass an awful lot of very full petrol stations on the way back. If only the petrol strike panic-buying had started last week, and we could have used the lack of fuel as an excuse to lounge about all day every day and just enjoy the nice weather… Still, what’s the saying? Ifs and buts lather no mice, or something like that.

Moving on swiftly. Last week I got distracted before I could write about these:


A second scarf completed! I’m rather pleased with how this one turned out. I need to work on keeping the edges a bit neater, and I did mess it up a bit at the end from lack of concentration, but it’s miles better than my first attempt. Also, NEW TOYS! I haven’t cracked open the circular needles yet, but keep reading for an exciting* account of last weekend’s crochet action.

*excitement not guaranteed.

As the winter seems to have gone on its summer holidays early, I’ve been thinking of undertaking a little more long-term (and perhaps far too ambitious!) knitting adventure. If you watched the video in my blog from a couple of weeks ago, you’ll have seen this lovely blanket …

Well, ready for next winter (or as they say round here, ‘July’) I want to knock up a similar sort of thing. The plan is to try knitting or crocheting a variety of little squares, first of all to get used to producing reasonably consistently sized squares in nice earthy colours. I’ll save these all up, and perhaps later try my hand at making some triangles as well. When I’ve got a nice big bagful, I’ll sew them all together, and perhaps drape it elegantly over the back of an armchair, or seductively over a bed. Ah yes, for who could resist me then, having seen my inexpertly-crocheted-as-yet-hypothetic-blanket?

Early attempts at crocheting have been to varying degrees of success …

Teeny-tiny initial attempt, using the last half-yard of green yarn I had left over from my first attempt at a scarf.

Accidentally corrugated – I didn’t quite understand the instructions on this website, and only went through the back loop instead of both loops on this first attempt at single-crochet. I do rather like the effect, but it wasn’t what I was aiming for! My next attempt was better:

Haven’t quite got the tension right, but I was generally quite pleased with this as a second attempt. So I had a go at the half-double crochet …

Not a terribly good job. The number of stitches seems to have declined over time. I’ll keep trying though! Some time in the future things will start to make sense (… my mantra!)

SO! If anyone has some nice patterns for little crocheted or knitted squares, I would be really happy to receive them! I’m thinking about making approximately 100mm squares, but if you have any advice on that matter too, I’d like to hear it!

PS – a big thanks to everyone who has read and returned to this blog. I really really appreciate it!


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7 Responses to Advice sought!

  1. Russell Farr-Jones says:

    There’s a great book I own called 200 Crochet Blocks for Blankets, Throws and Afghans (do a search on Amazon). Plenty of ideas for blocks to crochet. Also, if you go to there is a whole section dedicated to free afghan squares.

    One other thing to note is that single crochet is an American term. In the UK a double crochet is an American single crochet, a treble crochet is an American double crochet etc (just to confuse things!). It means you have to make sure you know whether it’s an American pattern you’re following or not, otherwise you will get some unexpected results! I made this mistake when I learned to crochet. The book I mentioned above is in UK terms, but a lot of what you’ll find on the website will be American.

    Good luck with the throw. I love home made crocheted throws and blankets and making one big dough for a double bed is definitely something I want to try and tackle at some point.

  2. Knoob says:

    Thanks for the book recommendation, Russell! I may treat myself to both the crochet and the knitted editions.

    I’ll also bear in mind about the terms! I’ve been teaching myself exclusively off the internet so far, so of course most of the sites I’ve looked at have been penned by North Americans.

  3. Vix says:

    Looks like you’re progressing nicely, I waited ages before I tried crochet (it just seemed too scary) but since I started, I’ve hardly stopped!
    A couple of years ago Hachette published a magazine series called The Art of Crochet. As well as patterns and tutorials, the magazine came with yarn and instructions for making a crochet blanket. You can still subscribe to it by going to or check eBay for back copies.
    I’ve got the first issue (and little patience with little squares), I can send you the pattern for the square if you’re interested?
    Good luck!

    • Knoob says:

      Hiya, thanks for the recommendation and the kind offer! I’d love to see the pattern. Is it very complicated? I can’t get my head around anything but flat squares as yet …

      • Vix says:

        It looks really simple. Basic foundation chain and a combination of double and treble crochet. How would you like it? I can scan and send you a PDF or post the physical copy?

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