False starts

Well, let’s try again.

There are a lot of things I’m trying to get used to all at the same time. I may have bitten off more than I can chew. Last Friday, an attempt to write a post about a couple of gigs ended in disaster, when a link to YouTube went a bit wrong and I lost a couple of hundred words. If at first you don’t succeed, lose your temper and get drunk, as they say.

I got even more wound up on Sunday, though, when a friend, P,  retweeted an anti-gay-marriage message on Twitter, and provoked something of a war of words. Well, more of a scrap than a war, I suppose. P and I have a couple of mutual friends whose sexuality affords them fewer rights than other people in the eyes of his religion. These friends felt uncomfortable expressing their dissatisfaction directly to P, but weren’t very pleased about it when I spoke to them. The controversial tweet was something along the lines of, “Not everyone that is opposed to marriage remaining the way it is now, is homophobic”. I encouraged P to enlighten me as to legitimate reasons why one might be inclined to prevent same-sex couples from being granted marriage equality, but he was unable or unwilling to do so. P is otherwise a very reasonable bloke, and a very attentive and supportive friend; so it seems really out of character for him to openly come out with something that risks alienating some of the people who have relied on him over the years. I’ll have to have a word with him about it at some point – not to try to change his mind, just to make him realise that he might be hurting people by airing such views in a public forum. Direct conflict is not something I relish, and I don’t want to imply that I think some people’s sexuality is more important than other people’s beliefs (not that I know any gay people who actively campaign for Christian rights to be curtailed). However, I think it’s better to have this out, and maybe even have a fight about it, so that we can get it out of the way and not let it build up until it overboils into something unpleasant. I feel as though his angle is a little too Daily Mail – “I’m not homophobic but I don’t think homosexuals should have the same rights as us normal people” type thing. I really hope he can prove me wrong.

Anyway. Sorry. This isn’t supposed to be a political blog. I just  … ooooooh, I just get so wound up sometimes!

Perhaps one of the reasons I’ve been getting so wound up is that I’ve been doing a lot of winding up. Of yarn, that is. None of my recent attempts at getting started on a new project have been any good. I lose concentration and drop stitches, or purl when I should knit, and end up unravelling the whole thing (never more than about 15 rows) and starting again. Plus, my tension’s been all over the place (both on the needles and in real life!) and I can never tell how wrong I’m going until it’s far too late to salvage …

Well, I suppose all I can do is keep trying.

Instead of repeating a never-ending cycle of casting on and then unravelling, I spent most of the weekend scraping away at Schubert’s Sonata for Viola in A Minor (with less technique but, I flatter myself, better tuning than the chap below).

It strikes me that both knitting and playing strings are appropriate hobbies for someone like me with an unconventional mental outlook, because of the wealth of overlap in the terminology: highly strung, wound up, unravelled, and so on. Anyone got any more?


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  1. in charge of our own destinies. will figure out what works for us!

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