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Advice sought!

Well, today I left the house at six, pootled a hundred-or-so miles down the M1 in my little car, shakily slurped my third coffee at ten in the morning in North London, and subsequently failed to impress anyone at a … Continue reading

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We’ll give you a complex, and we’ll give it a name

I was wandering back from the shops earlier today, and stopped to admire a newly flowering shrub in a neighbour’s front garden. Inevitably, being a typical smartphone-addicted twenty-first century girl et cetera et cetera, I found myself wishing there were … Continue reading

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Gary and Stan

Just a quick post before I get back to work … Peter Serafinowicz just posted this onto Twitter: it’s a blog from November last year by former footballer Stan Collymore about his depression. He wrote this the day before Welsh … Continue reading

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There’s a story in which my eyes shut

Most of the relationships I have are simple. At least, outside of my head and my heart, things are simple. I like simple relationships. I don’t like drama, betrayals, accusations, and thankfully most of my friends, family, colleagues, and so … Continue reading

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False starts

Well, let’s try again. There are a lot of things I’m trying to get used to all at the same time. I may have bitten off more than I can chew. Last Friday, an attempt to write a post about … Continue reading

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Indecision …

It’s been a busy week … That’s probably going to become something of a catchphrase around here. I feel like I’ve done nothing but work, work, work. Managing that all-important work-life balance thing seems to have gone out of the … Continue reading

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