A minor achievement.

One of the strategies I’ve been given for overcoming low moods is to give myself credit for things I’ve achieved. My doctor has recommended I write a to-do list every day, and keep a journal of the items I complete, marking them with a different colour if they gave me a sense of achievement or feeling of pleasure. I was to put a few easy things on there and to do those first – things I would definitely achieve, like changing a roll of toilet paper or putting a wash on, that kind of thing.

I did this for the first week or so, and it worked. And then I had a terrible few days and didn’t even check off the easy things, so I stopped doing it. I should probably start doing it again, because it really did help me start developing a sense self-worth. But alongside recognising achievement, I’ve also got to work on managing my expectations. That’s something I’ve been getting very, very wrong in the last few months. BUT I’m not going to dwell on all that now; especially not as David Mitchell has examined the ‘perpetual hype-disappointment loop’ much more eloquently and wittily than I ever could in his column in the Observer today.

ANYWAY, the point is, I have reached a minor milestone in my knitting adventure! Voilà, a completed length of imperfectly knitted cheap green acrylic yarn. You can see where I messed up the knit/purl order early on … It may not be much to look at, but it’s a nice warm fuzzy feeling knowing that I was able to see this little project through … Not that it’s finished, though. I think I’ll try and put on a fringe to try to neaten up the edges.

Next up, I want to do something similar (but better) to give to a friend as a birthday present.

Before I go and finish watching Cardiff beat Liverpool in the Carling Cup final, I’d like to sing the praises of a couple of the tunes I’ve been spinning while twiddling the needles this weekend: First up, a beautiful, haunting record I picked up at last year’s Record Store Day – Swanlights by Antony and the Johnsons:

And secondly, from the absolutely stonking album Animal Joy (released in the UK tomorrow, it’s been out in the USA for a couple of weeks now) – here’s Animal Life by Shearwater:

Can’t wait to see them live next month. Never mind David Mitchell’s warning, I’m sure it will be a life-altering experience.


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