Everyone needs a Sigur Ros moment on a Sunday afternoon

My flatmate/landlord’s mum popped round today. She is the first Actual Real-Life Person Who Can Knit that I’ve spoken to since I took up the needles a few weeks ago. She’s pretty incredible. It seems she taught herself to knit as a young girl in Assam, using sticks because she didn’t have any needles. Wow.

I showed her my scarf so far, and she said a lot of things I didn’t really follow. It seems I’ve been doing something unusual in my stitches, so the stockinette is zig-zagged instead of straight. She showed me the way I should do it, but I must be a pretty slow student because I couldn’t follow what she was doing at all. Well, it’s not too much of a problem for this project, I don’t think, but when I’ve finished I’ll watch some more YouTube videos and do some more practice stitching, and see if I can work out what I’m doing differently.

Aside from chatting with Mrs B, I’ve not had the most productive day imaginable, and my sporadic attempts to get ready for Monday following a week off ultimately proved futile in the face of my prodigious ability to procrastinate. It generally works thus: fifteen minutes of work earns me an hour and a quarter of lying on my bed with Agaetis Byrjun on the headphones. The scarf has lengthened a little bit but will probably not see any more progress until next weekend, as this week I’ll be paying the price of my lack of half-term efficiency. So much for work/life balance.


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2 Responses to Everyone needs a Sigur Ros moment on a Sunday afternoon

  1. Pictures! We need pictures! Before I started knitting, it was so much like a foreign language that I had permanently disregarded it as a potential hobby. THEN I found a baby beret for my baby that I HAD to have, so my friend taught me, and I started on double pointed needles!!

    Soon after I learned that it’s not so hard to decipher the pattern, BUT I have four failed sweaters (jumpers to you, right?), so NOW I need to learn to gauge. Meanwhile, I love small projects like hats and sweaters.

    I look forward to watching your progress!!

  2. Knoob says:

    Haha, foreign languages I can do! It’s everything else I have difficulties with …

    I’ll be sure to put some pictures up this weekend!

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